Sometimes It’s Turkey, Sometimes It’s Feathers: Puppet Shows at LCOPL

On top of a regular array of children’s activities, Ms. Nancy, LCOPL’s Children’s Librarian, has put on monthly puppet shows for local elementary and pre- schools for years.


With the aid of a local group of puppeteers, she has formed a diverse and distinguished company of puppets. The core group ranges from pigs to turkeys to human impersonators and can tackle just about any script. Ms. Nancy has even added original work to their repertory by adapting children’s literature from LCOPL’s collection into full-length puppet shows.


November’s performance, adapted from Sometimes It’s Turkey, Sometimes It’s Feathers weaves a tale of an ill-fated turkey, born to a world that wants to eat him, with a surprising idea of compassion and unexpected friendships. As Turkey grows from a hatchling, Ms. Gumm and Cat watch him and share the savory remark, ‘What a fine Thanksgiving we’ll have…Imagine!’. Playing off the tradition of a Thanksgiving Turkey, it appears they can hardly wait for him to be fuPicture from Sometimes It's Turkeylly grown to butcher and eat him. However, when Thanksgiving arrives, Ms. Gumm invites Turkey to join her and Cat at the table. ‘Imagine’ had actually referred to their future friendship with Turkey, not to how tasty he would be.


If you would like puppets for your own stories and books at home, you can check them out for one week at a time (plus two renewals!). The collection is large and always growing. Feel free to come in and check out a few!





Nancy and John and Puppets

 Nancy and John puppeteering